Deutsche Welle: German Indoor Urban Agriculture – video report

ecogerm See video here.

ECF Farmsystems GmbH – Consulting, planning and construction of aquaponics farm systems.

By Dagmar Zindel
Eco Africa
ECF Farm systems

ECF Aquaponics Method
In ECF aquaponic farming systems, the process of both rearing fish and growing vegetables operates as a fully integrated and complementary system. Through this course of producing high-quality fish, water is enriched with valuable nutrients that are then passed into the greenhouse, providing the plants with natural minerals and fertilizer.

The combined processes of controlled nutrient fluxes and CO2 exchange, rainwater and waste heat recovery, in-house fertilizer production partnered with the optional use of photovoltaic in heat and electricity production, lead to a better ecological and economic balance.

See the video report.

View the original article here


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