The importance and benefits of Aeroponics

What is Aeroponics?

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It is a kind of planting technique that water circulation is used. The plant’s root does not soak in the water or solution but lifting higher within the growing box which is dark. The growing box may be in triangle, square, or cut-top triangle. The humidity level was maintained with water mist from the sprayed nozzle in the proper distance. The humidity level was kept in 95-100% as relative humidity. The advantage of this system is that the plant’s root will not lack of oxygen. But the disadvantage is that the high temperature down in the growing box with blowing or sucking the air but a small blower. But the caution is that when the air suck or blown, the humidity is blown out with the heat also. So the humidity in the growing box is down, it can be harmful to the plant.

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