Is Hydroponics Green-Feed Production The best solution for animals’ food

For what is this technique used?


It is used for growing cereals that are the food for animals such as fruit, vegetable, flower. In order for these kinds of crops to have high nutrition, all the techniques must be applied in the environmental controlled growing box. The water or nutrient solution is circulated by spraying over the tray. Another way is that we drop the water at the head of the tray and let the water or solution flow along the slope of the tray. The system can provide the young plant for either humans or animals all over the year both ruminated animals such as cow, buffalo, goat, sheep and poultry such as hen, or duck. For more details, the grower can put the cereal seed soaking in the water for 1 day. Next time, we put the seed all over the growing tray. Then grower provides the water or solution for time limited. Before seeds have new leaves or buds, the grower will not provide light but control only humidity and temperature. After the seeds have developed, the grower will use light to develop the young plants. The light the grower uses us fluorescent light, mostly. After 5-6 days, the plants have grown with the height of 10-15 cm which are ready or animals’ food. Popularly, this is mostly used to cultivate bean sprouts, and the other kinds of vegetable sprout as human being’s food.

From today on, the pest and animals owners do not worry about insufficient food or find food for theirs anymore. You just pay little attention on supply and plant because you are able to plant these at home or anywhere the space is available.

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