Heat Problems in Grow Tent

Hey guys, how are you all doing?

Like the name of the thread suggests, i’m having heat problems in my grow tent. I currently have a 9’x9′ grow (8′ in height) tent with 2x 1000w bulbs (I want to end up being able to run 4x 1000w bulbs).

My ventilation works currently by sucking fresh air from outside, through the reflectors then to the outside.
I have a 710 cfm fan blowing cold air through the first two reflectors ( I have four, as I mentioned earlier I want to end up being able to run 4x 1000w bulbs.) and a booster fan 710 cfm connected to the other reflectors that helps the air get through them.

I also have a 720 cfm fan connected to a carbon filter which is also connected to the duct that is pushing hot air out of the tent to outside from the reflectors via “Y Duct connector”.

Furthermore, there are two 420 cfm fans pushing air in from the room outside of the grow tent, all other suction holes are closed.

My temperature at the moment goes up to 83 and down to 71 degrees F, and the humidity is at a range from 45% – 65%. I also use a swamp cooler to keep the humidity level high and keep the tent a few degrees cooler.

An A/C unit isn’t really an option at the moment, if anyone could give me suggestions i’d appreciate it very much.

I’m also growing in a hydroponic setup.

Thank you very much.

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