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Aiming for 2M pounds of fresh produce annually
US: AeroFarms building world?s largest indoor vertical farm Last summer, AeroFarms began work in Newark on what they plan to be the world?s largest indoor vertical farm, as well as their new company headquarters. AeroFarms will grow several varieties of salad greens, kale and herbs using large scale aeroponics systems, with a nutrient-filled mist and LED growing lamps in a high-tech, climate-controlled environment. The company aims to generate 2 million pounds of fresh produce each year at the new facility.CEO David Rosenberg says the gigantic Newark facility is just the beginning. ?Our mission is to build farms in cities all over the world,? he told The Huffington Post. ?We are very much building the infrastructure not to build one, two or three farms but to build 20, 30 or 50 farms.?First Lady Michelle Obama visited AeroFarms with Al Roker last month as part of her national garden tour. The two spent time with some students from Philips Academy Charter School, which has a rooftop garden and an AeroFarms growing lab where students learn how to grow food.AeroFarms joins a host of other companies seeking to grab a foothold in the burgeoning indoor vertical farm industry. As traditional outdoor agriculture suffers, there has been a rise in demand for locally grown, fresh, organic products, and the fresh greens and herbs that a company like AeroFarms can deliver tend to fetch a premium over lesser quality alternatives that come from farther away.Once the Newark farm is up and running, the 70,000-square-foot indoor facility will produce 75 percent more yield than a traditional outdoor farm of the same size. This is in part to the indoor vertical farm?s ability to stagger crops regardless of season, giving 22 crop turns each calendar year.Source:

Publication date: 5/9/2016

Vietnam: Hydroponic lettuce production and biological control of pests
As part of the Transition Facility project ?Accelerating the development of a modern greenhouse vegetable production sector in Vietnam?, hydroponic lettuce production and biological control of pests in greenhouse vegetables are successfully being applied at the R&D Farm of Fresh Studio.Lettuce is a…..

Vietnam developing hi-tech agriculture
According to Vietnam’s Director of the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD) Nguyen Do Anh Tuan, Vietnam needs to promote hi-tech agriculture, as a means to improve food production quality and efficiency.?Science and technology applications in agricultural production…..

Bulgaria aims to recover position fruit and veg exporter
Few weeks ago, the Bulgarian National Horticultural Union attended Freskon in Thessaloniki, Greece for the first time representing agricultural producers from all Bulgarian regions.According to Mariana Miltenova, member of the Management Board, “The members of our organization are the country?s largest fresh…..

Growing Dutch peppers in Hainan, China
“We now fetch higher yields at better prices”
“We are one of the few companies in Hainan (a Southern province of China) that is planting large scale greenhouse peppers. We purchased our seeds from the branch office of the Dutch company Rijk Zwaan. Besides growing, we are also responsible for the sales and marketing of peppers,” explains Mr. Liu Tong…..

Benny Cuypers:
We cannot yet say tomato season was bungled
The Belgian greenhouse vegetable season opened not long ago, but the current situation cannot be called positive. Out of tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines and bell peppers, only the last one is doing well. ?For this product we did not yet have a sharp drop in prices,? Benny Cuypers of LAVA says……

US (NM): Kosher lettuce cultivation in the desert
In 2014, Preferred Produce won a $20 million contract to commercially cultivate kosher Romaine lettuce in New Mexico, making them the first to do so outside of Israel. The organic greenhouse operation, located about seven miles north of Columbus, has been growing fresh, fast-to-market organic produce since…..

A hydroponic system that could almost double the production
How can growers almost double their hydroponic production while saving in energy, fertiliser and water costs, while significantly preventing the pollution caused by the machinery used?The multilayer trough system developed by NGS is revolutionising hydroponics, as it allows the oxygenation of the root…..

German Rhineland tomatoes give the feeling of summer
Consumers can, even with weather and temperatures that feel more like November, get the feeling of summer on their plate with freshly harvest tomatoes from the German Rhineland. Since March the tomato producers have been harvesting tomatoes from their greenhouses, according to the Provincial Association…..

Steven Martina, The Greenery:
“Doubling market share of greenhouse vegetables”
After three turbulent years with a reorganisation and a change in direction level Steen Martina took the helm of The Greenery this year in February. For the first time in years someone from the ranks of the company is taking the position of CEO. The annual figures of the trading house also show a positive…..

France : New 18,000m2 tomato greenhouse
Roland Gu?val is building his 3rd greenhouse in Lamb? (near Brest), this one will cover 18,000m2 (the first greenhouse measured 10,000m2 and the second 15,000m2). The vegetable producer, who specialises in tomatoes, hopes to create employment opportunities and increase his production.Mr Gu?val grows tomatoes…..

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