Setting up your own Hydroponic Greenhouse

If you are looking to set up your first hydroponic greenhouse, there are often 3 variables areas that need to be focused on, location, space and construction methods / materials.


Location is the first, and often most important consideration in building your hydroponic greenhouse. The location must have frequent access to natural light, which can be greatly impacted by a city’s lattitude, which brings a different average number of days of sunshine. You’ll need to also do your homework on your potential region’s zoning laws, as these vary from city to city and may enforce certain bureaucratic requirements or outright ban greenhouses on your particular property.

Given the geographic location is suitable, you’ll next want to find a location that will not be affected by nearby tall buildings, trees, or hills that could obstruct the light during different times of the day. Also remember your Greenhouse will need electrical power for pumps, controls and lighting, perhaps a gas supply for heating and a water supply. No greenhouse should be situated very far from a hookup to these essential utilities.


You’ll now need to carefully consider your floor space for the growing area which will be dependent on personal methodology and the crops that are to be grown. Make sure there is enough room to install the equipment so that plant spacing does not fall below the recommended minimum, and that you will have enough space to access / harvest the crops and easily maintain the hydroponic growing systems. The ceiling height of a greenhouse may be important if you are planning on growing tall plants suspended from above. Additional auxiliary space may be desirable to store equipment or create an office space. Remember, that as costly as these additions might be, it will typically be much less expensive to construct a greenhouse with the required auxiliary space than it is to add space after the fact.

Construction Methods and Materials

To be continued in a later post.

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