Link4 iPonic Garden Environment Controllers

By Guy Ehydro

To get the most vigorous growth possible from your plants the environment they live in must be healthy. Indoor and greenhouse growers both depend on the ability to manipulate every aspect of the growing environment to improve on what Mother Nature has to offer.

But what are the professionals using to control their Quest Dehumidifiers and Excel Air, Air Conditioners, keeping yields heavy and plants happy?

iponic_614_isometric_1024x1024Futuristic in design and loaded with features – yet still a breeze to install, and easy to operate – the Link4 iPonic Controllers are the most sophisticated solution to efficiently consolidate all environment controls into a single reliable unit. Whether it’s a small greenhouse, an indoor garden, or a larger facility with multiple grow rooms the Link4 iPonic can offer the kind of environment control system you’ve been dreaming about. The versatility of these environment control systems brings value to any sized gardening venture.

“Do away with all those different controllers and stretch your dollar further with the Link4 iPonic Environment Controller.”

Many controllers on the market are made for one job and come with a static design. Dehumidifiers go on one plug, AC units on another, lights on a timer, irrigation on it’s own controller, and so on. The Link4 iPonic allows the master gardener to program all of the functions for each control point together, so the system can learn from the feedback and give you the data you need to really dial in your grow space.

Based on years of gardening experience and using feedback from real growers, a built-in logic provides a starting point with pre-designed proven growth schedules. But you can make it your own program for perfect control. Programming unique to the Link4 Controllers can understand how each component impacts your environment and suggests the ideal settings for your set-up, resulting in a more balanced growing environment.

Stay Connected with Smartphone Monitoring
Whichever controller you choose, you’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that your grow room will thrive thanks to software-based intelligence, optimal cycle settings, and the ability to monitor and control your system remotely via your smartphone or tablet device. Now, you can adjust any grow room setting whether you’re out to eat or at a concert. If something happens you’ll get an alert email or text. Change the settings as needed, and get back to your life.

People have been talking to plants for decades. But thanks to Link4’s remote monitoring technology, the plants finally have a way to talk back. And that’s great, because growing vegetables hydroponically requires precision settings on a number of environmental variables – but nobody wants to be chained to their grow room as their crops mature.

Most of the times you’ll be there to make the necessary temperature or humidity or irrigation adjustments at various growth stages – or you will have programmed them ahead of time into your hydroponic controller system. But if an issue arises, it always seems to happen when you’re across town or on vacation. With other systems, that means trouble. You have two choices – get back to your grow room quickly before your crops are damaged, or trust someone else to make the proper adjustments. But if you have an iPonic 600 controller, with the optional communications module, you can stay right where you are. Now, an email or text message alert will be sent from your grow room right to your smartphone or tablet. You can turn equipment on or off, adjust levels or make other changes with a few touchscreen clicks, and then go back to enjoying your time off. If your system does not provide comprehensive remote monitoring, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at the benefits of the iPonic 600.

There is very little margin for error when growing vegetables in a greenhouse environment, particularly when it comes to proper irrigation. Our sophisticated control systems make it easier to create the ideal environment, and to adjust temperature and humidity as needed for better results. As you experiment to find the optimal formula, the Link4 system provides charts, graphs, and all the environmental data you need to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Once you’ve found the ideal settings, just hit the ‘Repeat’ button for each new cycle and the system does the rest. While crop yield is important, the appearance of your tomatoes, cucumbers and other brightly colored crops can be just as significant. Visual appeal is the first sign of quality to buyers, and products that pass the eye test will always command a higher price.

iponic-624bFor larger grow room operations, Link4 is proud to introduce the iPonic 624, a new commercial grade hydroponic controller that controls 2 grow rooms from 1 controller, with the same quality and reliability that customers have come to expect from Link4.

Ideal Uses and Environment:
For a grower with a somewhat larger operation we made the iPonic 624. So with just a slightly higher price you are essentially getting 2 controllers. With two sensors and one controller, 2 room operations can be easily managed from 1 central location.

Pros: Control 2 grow rooms with one controller, optimal settings saved, smartphone monitoring and control, easy to use touchscreen. 2 Grow Rooms, 1 Controller, at Half the Cost.

The iPonic 624 controls 2 grow rooms from 1 controller, with the same quality and reliability that customers have come to expect from Link4. Typically, 2 grow rooms would require 2 controllers or 2 sets of timers, plus additional equipment. The iPonic 624 delivers all-in-one control over 2 grow rooms from the touchscreen of one controller. One of the advantages is the automated flipping of 12-hour light cycles in separate rooms, which lowers both amp usage and electricity bills. The iPonic 624 controls CO2, Light, Temperature, Humidity, Recycle Timers, Vent Fans, High Temperature Shut-off, Central air conditioning and heating – plus your own custom devices. It works with your existing equipment, and can accommodate up to 8 120-volt outlets over two rooms. Includes (ADD 8) 120-volt outlets – (ADD 8) fully programmable for combination of devices, Set your controls for both rooms from one panel and you’re done!

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