Common Problems Facing Indoor Gardens

Is something going wrong in your indoor garden despite all of your hard work? Take a look at this list of the most common problems that can arise when gardening indoors.

Lack of Ventilation: Leaves cannot function correctly without a steady supply of fresh air; Poor ventilation causes slow growth and poor absorption of water and nutrients.Inadequate Lighting: This can slow down photosynthesis which leads to poor use of nutrients, and give the plants a scrawny appearance.Too High / Too Low Humidity: Either one of these conditions will cause  stress to the plants from over-consumption or under-consumption of water.Temparature: A low or high temperature can slow a plant’s growth, and wide temperature fluctuations of more than 15 to 20 degrees can retard growth altogether.Overwaterting / Underwatering: Overwatering prevents the roots from taking in air, severely limiting nutrient intake and possibly causing them to rot. Underwatering slows the transport of nutrients, ultimately leading to sickly / dying roots.Light Burns: Foliage burned by HID Lamps is at an increased risk of attack from pests and disease.Indoor Air Pollution: This can slow plant growth to a crawl. Make an effort to check for vaporization from building materials and other chemical air leaks.Hot Soil: Soil over 90 degrees can cause harm to a plant’s roots.Roots Receving Direct Light: Roots require a dark environment; Light shining through to them can turn them green and their function will slow significantly.

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