The Importance of Fresh Air to Your Indoor Garden

Fresh air is an essential yet often overlooked asset to your Indoor Garden, and it can be the difference between success and failure.

Outdoor crops have a supply of air packed with CO2 that is constantly being refreshed by the wind. They also have rain to wash away accumulated dust and pollutants. Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen are both necessary to a plant’s growth: Carbon Dioxide combines with light energy and water to form sugars that are metabolized by the plant, while oxygen is used for respiration, burning of carbohydrates, and nutrient absorption in the roots.

An Indoor Garden must be specifically calibrated to replicate the outdoor atmosphere, and most Gardeners must take the time to set up an adequate ventilation system. Three factors effect air circulation, stomata, ventilation, and circulation.

Stomata are essentially a plant’s nostrils, they are used to inhale CO2 and release oxygen. Stomata can be clogged easily by dirt or other pollutants in the air, and pesticide sprays. To avoid clogging stomata, spray foliage with tepid water a day or two after spraying with pesticides, fungicides, or nutrient solution.

Air circulation is important because when air stands still plants can use up all of the CO2 rich air surrounding leafs in minutes, creating dead air zones. This can also lead to an easier infiltration by fungus and insects. To avoid this, you may want to keep a door or window open and/or install an oscillating circulation fan to keep up a constant circulation of air currents.

Ventilation is important to consider as well to get rid of exhaust air and bring in a supply of fresh air. An open window and a fan may be adequate in bringing in fresh air, but if no vent opening is available one must be created. Ventilation ducts and fans can be used to push or pull air into a room, and roof vents are a practical and discreet option as well.

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