Whether to use HID or T5 Growlights

Many Indoors Gardeners are now using T5 grow-lights in their indoor Gardens. The reasons are numerous, the T5s run on less power and much less heat than HID lamps, they are relatively inexpensive and will last 18 months or so before they need to be replaced, and they can be placed at any level where the light will be easier on the eyes than HID lights.

Even with all of the advantages of T5 fluorescents, HID lights aren’t without their own advantages. They are able to cover a much larger area than a t5 light while still producing a very high lumen output. Even still, the T5s are usually your more more economic solution and do not take up nearly as much space. Because of this most growers have slowly been switching over to them in the last few years.

At Garden Indoors we stock the latest supply of both HID and T5 Grow Lights, please browse our selection and feel free to call or email us with any questions!

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