Rockwool – The ideal hydroponic medium

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into hydroponic gardening. Your tired of the slow growth of soil based gardens and  want to take advantage of the increased oxygen availability to roots, achieve the fastest growth rates and experience the biggest yields.  Since hydroponic gardening is growing in the absence of soil, you are faced with the choice of which medium to replace it with. The answer should be Rockwool!

Rockwool isn’t the most popular hydroponic medium by accident. Savvy gardeners and greenhouse professionals alike have been using rockwool for decades to achieve some of the most productive gardens on the planet. Rockwool has been carefully designed to provide a near-perfect air to water ratio, far surpassing the oxygen and water retention capabilities of regular garden soil. These ideal root conditions combined with dramatically reduced weight, volume and mess also make rockwool a pleasure to work with. When compared to the equal volume of garden soil, rockwool media will support considerably larger root systems and therefore proportionately larger plants making it a sure winner in the garden.

Rockwool is inert which enables 100% control of the nutrients available to the plants. Rockwool is also extremely versatile, working well with a wide variety of plants. The nutrient solution can be applied manually by hand feeding for small applications,or drip irrigated for larger scale gardens. The reduced volume of rockwool also makes it an ideal medium for flood and drain applications – probably the most simple and reliable method of hydroponic gardening. Due to rockwool’s porous structure it is also very easy to flush excess nutrients out of the media.

Now that we know rockwool is the ideal media for clean and highly productive gardens, lets take a look at its environmental impact. Rockwool is sustainability produced from basalt rock, one of the most common types of rock on the planet. Some larger forms of rockwool media such as slabs are able to be reused for more than one growth cycle. Rockwool that can not be reused can be up cycled as an ideal soil amendment.  Although it is a stone product and it will never decompose, it has the ability to improve all soil conditions as it is truly the ideal growth media. Clay soils will benefit from added oxygen retention and drainage, while sandy soils will benefit from added water retention.

Whether you are a novice gardener, or a professional, the exceptional performance of rockwool is well suited to you. Take advantage of this high performance, user friendly and sustainable medium to take your garden, and most importantly your yields, to the next level!

Young tomato plants grown in rockwoolrockwool lettuce

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